Luxury Retreat in Capraia e Limite, Tuscany, Italy

Culinary Adventure and Yoga Retreat in Tuscany SEPT 9-16, 2023

Join Aetheris Senior Host, Larry, an avid world traveler, and internationally known yoga therapist, for a week near Florence at Villa Bibbiani, a stunning Renaissance residence surrounded by a lush botanical park and vineyards. This region is full of history regarding beauty and avant-garde lasting more than 1300 years.

Embark on a journey to the Renaissance era and immerse yourself in a life of luxury, relaxation, and exploration fit for royalty. Tuscany, Italy offers the perfect destination for this unforgettable experience.
Envision yourself practicing a style of functional yoga geared toward embracing the relationship you have with your body, all the while creating unforgettable moments at Villa Bibbiani.