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meet our leadership team.

Alan Rios
Founder & Creative Director

For close to 7 years, Alan has accumulated a deep and recognized reputation in the banking industry. His career spans global banking, where during his last role at Citigroup, he served as Vice President for Citi’s North America Global Family Office Group while based in New York. In this role, he catered to the firm’s top private banking clients by providing them with institutional banking access and facilitating capital raises.

Presently at Stratus, Alan heads investor relations and Capital Markets efforts. In this role he manages equity and debt investors, contributing to the fund’s operations and growth. At the same time, Alan actively explores opportunities to integrate the fund’s private credit offering into larger institutions and expand its investor base with a strategic approach to transformational growth. Alan holds a bachelor’s degree in Finance from the McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas at Austin, focusing on banking and capital markets. Outside of the financial industry, Alan curates private communities of investors, industry leaders and collectors with a passion for cultural pursuits, particularly in the contemporary art world.

Emel D.
Luxury Advisor & Ambassador

Emel is a truly international citizen with an extensive background in the luxury goods sector. Originally from Istanbul, Turkey, she was raised and educated in Munich, Germany. She speaks German, Turkish and English fluently and is conversational in French. She earned credits in communication from the University of California, Los Angeles and has attended psychology lectures at Harvard extension school and Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich. She wrote her diploma thesis about ‘Luxury Goods & Luxury Lifestyle Marketing’ and spent the first decade of her career working in various departments of the German and US headquarters of Rolls-Royce, BMW and Mercedes-Benz: advertising, product launches, sponsorships, brands partnerships, events, philanthropy, lifestyle marketing, public relations and CRM marketing. Her entrepreneurial spirit led her to start her start own luxury marketing agency. In 2016 she introduced the Knight Frank ‘Wealth Report’ in Istanbul in partnership with an award winning local private bank.

Growing up between two cultures, Emel has been an avid traveler since her early childhood. She has designed itineraries for family, friends and colleagues all her life and curated trips to Istanbul, Cappadocia, Oaxaca, Mexico City and more.

Larry Thraen
Wellness Advisor & Ambassador
Larry Thraen, the founder of The Yoga of You Advanced Education Protocols, is a clinical yoga therapist at the J. Flowers Health Institute. He has over 37,000 hours of experience in the multidisciplinary fields of yoga, neurophysiology, and functional movement. Larry is known as “the low back pain guy” and has trained hundreds of teachers and practitioners worldwide in non-traditional ways of treating dysfunction through mindfulness and movement. He has been in the clinical environment for over six years and is aligned with some of Houston’s top doctors and movement practitioners. He serves and educates people on functional longevity and how living pain-free is simple, safe, and accessible.
Larry has completed over 2600 certification hours through Andrew Dugas and The School of Yoga Institute. He studied under Andrew Dugas, Robert Boustany, and Vedantin ‘Ping” Lou and was inspired by Vinnie Marino, Bryan Kest, Annie Carpenter, Steve Ilg, and Kathryn Budig during his early practice. He specializes in 200hr and 500hr teacher trainings and leading advanced yoga study immersions and has certified over 500 yoga teachers throughout his career. As a functional movement specialist, Larry focuses on specific corrective movement protocols that significantly improve client outcomes. He believes that prescribing a particular exercise for a specific problem is only sometimes effective. By understanding the necessary parameters for practical movement application, he provides tailored solutions to correct dysfunctions in the body’s circuitry and movement. Larry uses specific corrective movement protocols that involve prescribing first ocular (eye) and then body movement drills that stimulate the brain to coordinate and control movement in a new and improved way. This approach can help reset circuitry problems and improve movement patterns. As a result, his clients experience increased mobility, improved stability, and reduced pain. Once he has stimulated his client’s body to resolve a movement pattern, Larry looks at novel methods of long-term protocols based on specific movement skills. This approach can help to improve their overall physical fitness and prevent future injuries. Using specific corrective movement protocols, Larry provides clients with a customized and effective approach to their wellness goals. They see noticeable improvements in their physical abilities, which can help build trust in their body. Restorative movement is a series of applied movement neurology sessions that can significantly impact performance outcomes. Each session is designed to reduce pain and improve various aspects such as balance and coordination, body awareness and sensitivity, increased range of motion, identifying and activating underdeveloped muscles, enhancing flexibility, improving posture and alignment, reducing the risk of injury or re-injury, and minimizing stress by helping the brain feel safe through improved use of visual, vestibular, and motor control systems of the brain to help reduce chronic pain. Restorative movement sessions are used as a movement-centric corrective strategy so clients are able to enjoy a pain-free life no matter their age or background. Restorative movement sequences are tailored to meet clients’ specific needs and requirements, making them a highly customizable and effective tool for overall physical health. They can be used to improve performance and reduce the risk of injury in athletes or as a rehabilitation strategy for individuals with musculoskeletal injuries or chronic pain. Overall, restorative movement sessions provide a powerful means of enhancing functional fitness and well-being.